India has scores of destinations which one can visit for a holiday – from trekking to rafting to wild life sanctuaries – India has it all. In fact, India has every type of holiday that you would prefer – quiet, adventurous, relaxing, thrilling, etc. There is everything in India that one would want in a holiday. Dandeli is one such town which is drawing in huge crowds of tourists from across the country and abroad. This is mainly because of the many Dandeli tourist places to visit and the activities that they offer tourists.

Dandeli – the locality The amazing holiday destination is located 125 km from Goa, in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Set on an elevation of approximately 1551 feet above sea level, there are best of adventure activities that the Dandeli tourism encompasses to attract tourists.

Dandeli resorts booking

Resorts booking in Dandeli are certainly not a problem. There are varied types of resorts that offer you much more than a comfortable stay. There are resorts which are on the banks of the River Kali. These not only offer a panoramic view of nature, but also undertake bookings for those interested in river rafting activity. Moreover hotels booking can be done keeping in mind the facilities and activities that they offer tourists. Many tour operations in Dandeli suggest hotels booking that offer jungle safari or trekking for their residents.

If you do not wish to book an exotic resort or hotel in Dandeli, then consider a homestay booking option. There are numerous cottages and houses amidst the natural green surroundings that offer you a comfortable stay. Homestay booking in Dandeli is an affordable option for those who are looking out for a more homely accommodation in Dandeli and not the regular feel of a hotel.

What does Dandeli tourism comprise?

There are many exciting and Dandeli tour packages which offer sightseeing, activities and adventure that one would enjoy to the full. If you are out with your friends you can take the thrilling river rafting or the adventurous mountain trekking trips. On the other hand, those out with families also have many Dandeli tourist places to visit like the Dandeli Wild Life Sanctuary, Paper Mills, Syntheri Rocks, etc.

Contact the tour operators in Dandeli so that you can make the most of your holiday!! Visit Dandeli and take back memories to last you a lifetime!!

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