Dandeli Jungle Camping

Camping in Dandeli

Dandeli – the best holiday for you and your family!!!

For the holiday enthusiasts, Dandeli is the destination. Dandeli offers a host of activities for adventure lovers, nature lovers or for even those who simply want to recoil and enjoy in the laps of nature. With deep-cavern valleys and lush green landscaping, Dandeli holiday packages are simply perfect!!

Location – The amazing holiday destination is located 125 km from Goa, in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Set on an elevation of approximately 1551 feet above sea level. There are best of adventure activities in Dandeli to attract tourists.

Make your holiday memorable

Camping in Dandeli is truly alluring as you wake up to the sound of waterfalls, enchanting beauty of nature and a melodious chirping of birds. Dandeli holiday packages offering camping activities for you to nestle in the arms of nature. Add a fun quotient to your vacation by taking the wildlife adventure tour that involves mountain biking, bird watching, river surfing and end it up with a wonderful Dandeli Jungle camp.

Dandeli Jungle Camp

The Dandeli jungle camp offers you an exciting holiday with a difference. The camps located amidst jungles and the serene greenery makes camping in Dandeli even more fun and brings you a step closer to nature. Camping in Dandeli makes you feel the beauty of nature from within as you unwind beneath the twinkling sky and are awaken up by the sounds of chirping birds, swooshing waterfalls, and feel of fresh cold air. All this conducive to make your day ahead feel fresh and pleasant!!

The jungle camp includes sightseeing where you can spot birds as Hornbills, Chestnut headed bee-eaters, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Darters. Hear them sing & capture them in your camera. You can find rare birds like Grey headed Fish eagle, Srilanka Frogmouth, Malabar trogon too!!

Among the animals you can spot – Malabar Giant Squirrel, Black Naped Hare, Flying Lizard, Forest Calotes, Garden Calotes, Rat snake, Southern Bird wing, Blue tiger, Common Crow, Immigrant, Plain Tiger, Lemon, Blue, Peacock, grey & yellow Pansy, Blue mormon, Red helen,Grey count, Clipper, Leopard & many more…

For a diverse and a different holiday, take your family camping in Dandeli and build memories for a lifetime!!!

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Camping in Dandeli

Camping in Dandeli
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Amazing Dandeli
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