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Tourist Places to Visit Around Dandeli

What is the first thing that can hit your mind when you think of a holiday? Trekking, camping, river rafting…etc. Think of Dandeli!! Dandeli covers all the aspects that a good holiday should cover. The lush green landscapes with flowing white waterfalls offer an impeccable view of nature. Chirping of the birds and swishing of the winds against the trees are a treat to your ears. There are many tourist places to visit in Dandeli which can entice the young and the old.

About Dandeli

The amazing holiday destination is located 125 km from Goa, in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Set on an elevation of approximately 1551 feet above sea level, there are best of adventure activities that the Dandeli tourism encompasses to attract tourists. Also, there are many historic, natural and religious tourist places to visit around in Dandeli.

What does Dandeli tourism comprise?

You would indeed be shocked to know what Dandeli tour packages can offer you! There are many exciting and Dandeli tour packages which offer sightseeing, activities and adventure that one would enjoy to the full. If you are out with your friends you can take the thrilling river rafting or the adventurous mountain trekking trips. On the other hand, those out with families also have many places to visit in Dandeli like the Dandeli Wild Life Sanctuary, Paper Mills, Syntheri Rocks, etc.

There are many tourist places to visit around Dandeli – River Kali, Kavla Caves, Ulavi Temple, Skyes Point or even the Supa Dam. These Dandeli tourist attractions seem to draw crowds in all age groups.

Besides the Dandeli tourist attractions you can also invoke the adventurist in you by taking the joyous and thrilling river rafting activity. Dandeli holiday packages let you experience some of the best moments that nature has endowed upon us – something that city life lacks! Chirping of the birds, sounds of the waterfalls, the sky’s mesmerizing look at dawn … these are some of the things that Dandeli offers us. Jungle Safari, Mountain Trekking, River Rafting, Bird Watching & and much more… are some of the activities that would set the pace for adrenalin rushing in the young.

If you have chosen Dandeli as your holiday destination, you should not miss Camping in Dandeli. The night camps offer a truly mesmerizing view of the skyline with millions of twinkling stars above – truly heavenly!

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Dandeli Tourism

Dandeli Tourism
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Amazing Dandeli
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