River Rafting in Dandeli

River Rafting in Dandeli

An Ideal Destination for a fun-packed adventure-filled holiday

That’s Dandeli!! Dandeli is an ideal destination in Karnataka where you can have a fun-filled holiday which is packed with thrills and adventure. Dandeli’s impeccable scenic beauty which is a work of nature’s best landscaping coupled with its location along the banks of the River Kali makes it a favorite holiday destination for those who wish for some thrill. The modern town is located on the bank of the river surrounded by lush greenery which is nothing but deciduous forests which houses some of the best wildlife that India has to its pride.

Unlimited excitement

Dandeli river rafting is such a thrilling activity that draws thousands of tourists all year round. River rafting in Dandeli is famous all over the country. The Dandeli river rafting stretches along a 12 km long trail which makes it one of the best and most thrilling river rafting experiences. And to top it there are deep plunges which add a zest to your excitement.

White water rafting in Dandeli is for both professionals and those who just want to have some fun! The rapids are classified into grade 2 and grade 3. The grade 2 rapids are for the ones who are here just to have a little bit of fun during their holiday while the grade 3 rapids are specifically for the professionals as it requires expert steering and eye for detail. The Dandeli river rafting is very safe otherwise as there are instructors who accompany you. Though it may sound dangerous, it not so!

Charge yourself

Set your adrenalin rushing as you embark upon a thrilling adventure of river rafting in Dandeli. Narrow passageways, navigation over bumpy rocks, whooshing surfs along the River Kali gives a complete energy-packed adventure. Get set as you take on river rafting in Dandeli – it is surely going to give you a mind-numbing experience which is going to leave you completely bewildered.

Though it is an arduous and challenging adventure, don’t miss the white water rafting whilst you are on a holiday in Dandeli!! For other activities and tourists visits contact us!!

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River Rafting in Dandeli

River Rafting in Dandeli
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